My blog turned 10 years old this year!

This past month, on January 16, 2018, marked 10 years since I started my genealogy blog, which feels a bit surreal and yet pretty amazing. I've learned and shared so much over this past decade, but am still knee-deep in family mysteries, brick walls, and new discoveries...the journey never ends! I've met new cousins, both close and distant, and built a community with them of exchanging family tree info and just getting to know each other as well. I've gotten married, had two children, and moved to another state...I've lost loved ones, but watched as the next generation of my family has blossomed and grown. I look forward to continuing this adventure in the next decade, to see what more I learn, who else I discover, and how the practice of genealogy develops, through the use of science and technology, the release and availability of new records and databases, and the involvement of more people sharing their photos, documents and oral's an exhilarating ride to be on!

For anyone who wasn't here when I started who might be interested in how this blogging adventure began, here's a link to my very first blog post:

Becoming Nancy Drew