Happy 9 year blogiversary to me!

Nine years??? How is that even possible?

Nine years ago today I started this blogging journey. I had been doing family history research for years prior to that but that was my first attempt to document my journey, both my successes and frustrations - this was both to help others, so they could see what I was doing and what I was going through, and to help myself, a way to kind of think out loud, figure out where I'd been, what steps I might need to do next, and maybe think outside the box. It was also my first attempt to reach out to others, not only to help others but to get help FROM others...what could you think of or see that I couldn't? And I was trying to connect to cousins...and I did! I found and met so many new cousins, some of whom weren't looking for the family tree information I had, and so many more of whom were an amazing wealth of family history information that I needed...and I'd like to think that some of them even became friends along the way!

In these past nine years, I've changed jobs, gotten married and had children, and this blog and digging into the past has oftentimes taken a back seat to real life...but it continues to be something I really enjoy and even as my blogging has become less frequent, I hope that this time next year I'm still here, celebrating my 10 year blogiversary!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day everyone! In honor of MLK, I found a quote we can all look to as genealogists, family historians, and, well, human beings.