Sunday's Obituary: Timothy A. Cronin (1879-1948)

My great-grandfather, Timothy Ambrose Cronin, died June 16, 1948 at the age of 68. According to his death certificate and his obituary, he had a heart attack. Born in County Cork, Ireland, he is my most recent immigrant ancestor, generationally (he came here as a child sometime in the late 1880s - my 3rd great-grandparents Casper and Margaret Lindemann came here in 1891). I knew he worked in and owned saloons and pubs over the years, but I learned from his obituary that in the 1920s he owned a restaurant called the Greenhouse, which was "a favorite seafood restaurant of fishing parties." I'll have to do some further research to find out where exactly the Greenhouse was located. Tim Cronin was survived by his wife, Ellen (nee Casey), his daughter Mary Raynor, his son, Sergeant Daniel Cronin of the Freeport Police Department (where he worked with his friend, Timothy's son-in-law and Mary's husband, Dick Raynor), and a grandson - my uncle Cliff. He is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Brooklyn. Thanks to the Old Fulton Postcards website for this obit.

Timothy Ambrose Cronin obituary from the June 17, 1948 Nassau Daily Review Star. Courtesy Old Fulton Postcards.