Black Sheep Sunday: 3rd great uncle John Casey stabs his wife Celena

Yikes. Talk about scandalous people in your family tree. Discovered this jewel of a relative while scouring the Fulton History newspaper archives. John Casey, born about 1863 in Longford, Ireland to Thomas Casey and Margaret McCarthy, was the brother of my great great grandfather Peter Casey. This is from the September 13, 1905 Brooklyn Daily Eagle under the headline "Held For Stabbing Wife - John Casey Also Resisted Arrest Bond Placed at $200": "John Casey, 32 years old ... was charged ... with assault in stabbing his wife, Celena Casey, in the thumb with an ice pick. He was arrested last night in the saloon at Garfield Place and Fifth Avenue by Court Officer Joseph Murray. He resisted arrest.. The couple have two children." I don't know what happened to John and Celena after this. I don't know why this happened. Had he been drinking? Was this a one-time thing? Did they have a normally tempestuous relationship? Did their children know about the incident?

From the Sept. 13, 1905 Brooklyn Daily Eagle - John Casey was arrested for stabbing his wife Celena.