In honor of Veterans Day and all those who served, including the Raynor brothers.

...I actually found this newspaper clipping just yesterday. A bit of serendipity that made me look and that found new images up at It's a little blurb about my grandfather, Clifford Raynor, and his brother, Monroe Raynor, from May 8, 1945 - that's V-E Day, right? - both being promoted because of their military service during WW II - Monroe for fighting in Germany with a tank division in the Ninth Army, and my grandfather, who was based in Portsmouth, VA, being promoted to radio technician, second class, for the U.S. Navy. Not only that, but there are pictures of the two of them. I've seen photos of my grandfather from his younger days but I've never seen a picture of him in his Navy uniform - they both just look so handsome and I'm incredibly proud of them and their service to our nation. So today we remember all our veterans, their families, and their sacrifices, but I especially remember these two men and the sacrifices they and their loved ones made for their family - my family.

Monroe Raynor and Clifford Raynor, Freeport brothers, promoted for military service, 1945.