Wedding Wednesday: Timothy Cronin & Ellen Casey apply for a marriage license, 1912

When it comes to our recent family history (think the last 100 years or so), there can be many pieces of evidence out there revealing or supporting a family tree fact...of course, we're lucky if we can find just one but it's always a good idea to keep looking for more, something that can support or back up (or sometimes, refute) what we think we already know. In the case of marriages, you can have a church record, a non-religious record, a wedding announcement in a newspaper or church bulletin, and in my case here, a record of application for a marriage license. This would be for my great-grandparents, Timothy Ambrose Cronin and Ellen Marie Casey. And as you can see, not only does this blurb in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Oct. 11, 1912 give notice to that marriage license application, it also provides my great-grandmother's maiden name, both of their ages, and the addresses at which they lived. All information I already have, as it were, but if you didn't have it already, there it would all be in one short, tiny announcement. And as I already stated, it's nothing but a good thing to find other sources to back up what you already know. Timothy and Ellen were married four days later on Oct. 15, 1912 at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, a Catholic Redemptorist parish in the Sunset Park section of Brooklyn. Timothy was 33 and Ellen was 19. They had 2 children, including my grandmother, and remained married until Timothy's death in 1948.