Baby's first Christmas

Just a few photos of my daughter's first Christmas. We bought her a stocking, took photos with Santa, put up her special "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments, sang Jingle Bells over and over again just to see her dance, traveled to New Jersey to spend Christmas Eve with her cousin and the hubby's side of the family, and traveled far away, well just upstairs, to spend Christmas day with my side of the family. The holidays can't help but be about family and as genealogists, we all know the importance of family. And everything we did with my daughter to celebrate - well, that's how family traditions get started and handed down from generation to generation.

It's still the Christmas season, so a only somewhat belated merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of you and all your loved ones, both living and dead! :)
Christmas Eve in New Jersey

Opening gifts Christmas morning
 And probably my most favorite photo of the day - visiting my grandmother, my daughter's great-grandmother, at the nursing home Christmas day. My grandmother is 98 years old and the original family historian in my family - love seeing her light up when my daughter comes to visit!

Visiting with Great-Grandma Raynor on Christmas, 2013.