My blogiversary - celebrating 5 years of genealogy facts and fun


Five years. Five years.

I knew the anniversary of the date I started this blog was approaching but it seems unreal that I've been an active participant in the genealogy blogosphere for 5 whole years. Time flies when you're having fun, huh?

And I really have been having fun - sharing all the amazing discoveries I've made about my own tree over those years, sharing all the research tips & records help that I've learned and gotten familiar with along the way that have hopefully helped others in their family history research! When I think about where I was five years ago, I have so much more solid information, I have so many more branches, both backwards and sideways, I have so many more stories that have made the members of my tree so much more well-rounded and interesting and REAL, so many fewer brick walls (well, not really - but the new ones are at least further back), and most importantly, so many more connections - with fellow genealogists, with my readers, and with all my amazing researching cousins, who have played such a huge role in so many of my genealogy breakthroughs - and it's this blog that has often times been the catalyst to connecting us!

And there's just so much more to learn and share - I truly hope I have another five years in me. I hope you've enjoyed reading as much as I've enjoyed writing this blog. 2013 looks to bring a lot of changes to my personal life, the biggest being the arrival of my daughter, who should be here in just 11 short weeks - so I may not get to write as often, but as I'm doing all this work for, among others, my daughter, you better believe that while I may not have as much time to research my family and write about it, I'll find the time somehow and somewhere. After all, I really think genealogy chooses us, and not the other way around - once a genealogist, always a genealogist!