For Tim, on my little brother's birthday :)

Some of the old school Frankel Avenue gang, circa 1985. I'm second from left and Tim is, well, the only boy in the picture.

Today is my brother Tim's birthday. This photo I'm posting is a typical summer scene from our childhood on Long Island - hanging out with the gaggle of kids who lived on our street, eating popsicles, a bunch of girls...and Tim. He was a good sport. Especially when we made him play house. :)

My grandfather, Elmer Gorry, had 17 grandkids and only two - my brothers - will carry on the Gorry name. For a very thin branch in which my grandfather and his brother were the first generation in at least three generations to have any branches, at all, and we're lucky to even be here, that's a lot of responsibility, genealogically speaking lol!

Tim lives in California now, and he's not quite as blond - he looks more like a surfer dude in this picture than he does now. He's still a good sport, though - not so much with the playing house, but in listening to all the family tree stuff that I discover. He's on the other side of the country and I won't actually get to spend his birthday with him, but I hope he knows his big sister wishes him a happy birthday anyway!