Plainview FHC: Peter Stutzmann and Charlotte Schlick

Okay, so Friedrich Stutzmann, my 3rd great grandfather, was born in Grossbockenheim, in the Rheinland-Pfalz region of Germany about 1845 to (Johann) Peter Stutzmann and (Luise) Charlotte Schlick. Germans are fun, genealogically, and I'm being sarcastic here so it's not going to come across all that well, mostly because they like to give their children first names that they don't use or go by. So technically, Peter Stutzmann is Johann Peter. He also has brothers who are Johann Something-or-other. Everyone is a Johann or a Maria. I think I read somewhere that the seeming first name, the one all the children have that's the same, is actually a baptismal name, and it's the middle name that's the actual given name. But God forbid anything be easy for us in our search, right? ;)

Okay, so Peter and Charlotte of Grossbockenheim in the Rheinpfalz region of Bavaria were married May 2, 1841 in the Protestant church in what appears to be Kleinbockenheim, the next town over - Gross means big and Klein means little, so these towns were basically Big Bockenheim and Little Bockenheim and today, they exist as one place, Bockenheim.

Peter Stutzmann and Charlotte Schlick's marriage record FHL #193970

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If you're having trouble reading that, like I was, here's the record again, this time from the kirchenbuch:
FHL #193802

So according to this, Peter's father is Michael Stutzmann of Grossbockenheim and his mother is Jacobine Blasius (even though it looks like a C and a p, those letters are a B and a s). Charlotte's (see, here you can clearly see her last name is Schlick) father is Rudolph Schlick of Kleinbockenheim and her mother is Ottilia Elisabetha D'Huy.

D'Huy - not such a German name, huh? The Rheinpfalz is not that far from'll be interesting to see if I can find out where this name came from...