A call for help: Rudolph Schlick and Ottilia Dhuy in the Amts- und Intelligenzblatt des Königlich Bayerischen Rheinkreises

So recently I was Googling some family names and places, just to see what turns up, because you never know what information is available out there on the Internet. When I looked up the names "Schlick" and "Kleinbockenheim," I came across this page in the 1834 version of the book "Amts- und Intelligenzblatt des Königlich Bayerischen Rheinkreises," or "Official Journal of the Royal Bavarian intelligence and the Rhine district." It is, of course, in German, but I was able to read that my 4th great-grandparents, Rudolph Schlick and Ottilia Dhuy, are mentioned in this book (in that first big paragraph in the righthand column). As far as I can tell from the horrible translation provided by Google Translate, this has something to do with a foreclosure or property sale - I would be very curious if anybody with a better understanding of German could help me get a clearer picture of the context in which they are mentioned. But I'm also, in a sense, more curious about what these books were for - they seem to have come out every year for a few years there and I didn't really come across anything on the Internet that was able to explain to me what they were, so if anyone is more familiar with these books than I am and could tell me what they are for, I would greatly appreciate it!