update: App now available for Android phones

Ah, genealogy in the 21st century!

For those of you who may have checked out the website, which is taking the goal of Find-A-Grave to the next level by asking volunteers to mark the exact spot of people's graves in a cemetery using GPS technology, the app to do this is now available for Android phones as well. As I said in my last post about this new website, I think it's an ambitious but exciting project - I would love to one day go to a cemetery I've never been to before and not spend all afternoon, sometimes unsuccessfully, looking for an ancestor's grave site. I haven't been to any cemeteries lately, but now that the app is available for Android phones, I will be downloading it so that next time I head out one of those ways (Greenfield is right by my job and I'd like to say hi to my Raynor, Berg, and Dauch peeps again before the weather stops being so beautiful) I can contribute to the project.

You can find more information at or by following the project on Facebook or Twitter!