A quick genealogy break on an otherwise swamped Tuesday...

It's just one of those days where I'm getting bogged down in work both inside and outside of the office but it occurred to me at some point over the past couple of days that two of my great loves, genealogy and writing, are actually very similar, in that they're both extremely interdisciplinary in nature. They both require research and organization, but in order to do genealogy properly, you need to not only know history, you need to know geography, you need to know about the local culture and customs, you need to know logic and how to use inductive and deductive reasoning, you need to be able to communicate your information to others, if you use DNA you need to know about genetics, and I'm sure a wealth of other subjects I can't think of because my brain is fried by work and the heat.

But when I was a kid I could never decide what I wanted to be when I grew up - I was interested in just too many things. As a writer, I get to learn about and write about a wide variety of topics, and as a genealogist, I get to learn about and use a wide variety of disciplines.

Win-win! :)