More photos from my visit to Old St. Andrew's Church in Charleston

Part of Old St. Andrew's cemetery as
you approach the church from the road.

Old St. Andrew's is behind this pretty lake...

One of the oldest churches in South Carolina.

A contemporary of my family - this gravestone reads, "Here Lyes the Body of Mrs. Elizabeth Nairn, who dyed the 9th day of March 1720, aged 63 years. She was the Eldest daughter of the Learned and Religious Divine, Robert A.M. of Dundie and Minister of Murrose.. She was married first to Henry Quintine, by whom she had one son Henry who died in the Service of his Country in the year 1716. And two daughters. Mary and Posthuma. Her second husband, was Thomas Nairn, Judge of the Vice Admiralty of this Province, who was barbarously murdered by the Indians, while he was treating with them in the year 1715, and by him she had one son Thomas.

Me at Old St. Andrew's - after it took me all day to get there in the sweltering Southern heat, I look like a crazy person. But a happy crazy person... :)