Season finale of "Who Do You Think You Are?" tonight

It's that time of the week again, folks...tonight is the season finale (I'm fairly certain) of the second season of "Who Do You Think You Are?" Ashley Judd is the subject - I've always liked her as an actress, and it looks like this southern girl discovers some deep New England American roots. Should be interesting.

These seasons are so short they just fly by - didn't this season of WDYTYA just start?? What am I going to watch on Saturday afternoons now when I need a break from cleaning my house? Lol... anyone out there who reads this blog who has seen the British original-recipe version of this show, are those eps worth trying to track down to watch? Do they follow any celebrities Americans might be familiar with (I remember glancing at a list once and only recognizing Alan Cumming)? Are the episodes interesting enough that it doesn't matter if I recognize the celebrity? Not only am I worried about WDYTYA withdrawal but I'm curious to note any differences - I think, while the pursuit of genealogy is similar across national and cultural borders, that the resources are sometimes different and the stories are certainly different. In America, we get eclectic background mixes; we get the children of recent immigrants; and we get those who can trace their families back centuries to the first wave of European immigrants. I wonder if, for example, there are many people in England who are the children or grandchildren of immigrants, or if most people's backgrounds are more homogenous. And I don't know much about modern British history - I know it's a big deal here to discover you had an ancestor who fought in the Civil War - is there a British equivalent to that? Is it easier to trace your family further back because there is the possibility of less immigration and emigration going on? These are the things I think about...

Anyway, just a reminder too that next Tuesday is the 150th anniversary of the start of the American Civil War so I'll be posting about that next week and look for my thoughts on tonight's Ashley Judd WDYTYA installment at some point before Monday (hopefully!)

"Who Do You Think You Are?" airs on NBC at 8 pm EST.

Happy weekend everyone!