John Reinhardt death record, Union, Hudson County, New Jersey 1870

I've had this for about six months now, got lazy about uploading it, then misplaced it, and since I've started cleaning house, just recently rediscovered it. I've always been very happy with the service of the New York City Municipal Archives as well as the National Archives, but with my Reinhardt relations having spent a few decades across the river in New Jersey, I've had to use the New Jersey State Archives as well and they have also been extremely helpful. So, two snaps to well organized, well preserved archives!

This is the death record for John Reinhardt, my 5th great-grandfather, the maternal grandfather of my Civil War ancestor Charles Haase. John is one of my immigrant ancestors, and though I don't know specifics about where he came from or what happened to his wife after he died, I now have a little more information on his death. John was also the patriarch of several generations of well-known and influential Reinhardts in the Hudson County, Union/Hoboken/Weehawken area of New Jersey.

So, since the pictures aren't great (the first is the whole record, the second two are the first and second halves of the record taken a little closer), here's what it says (John's is the highlighted name):

It's from Volume AQ, p. 412 from 1 Sept. 1870 - 1 Sept. 1871; town of Union, County of Hudson, State of New Jersey; John Reinhardt died Oct. 17, 1870. He was married, 56 years old, no occupation. Town of death was Union. Place of birth was Germania. No parents listed (boo). Cause of death - atrophy of the brain. Not sure what that means...anyway, it's interesting to see how deaths were recorded before certificates and in different states. Enjoy!