Heppenheim sippenbuch - the Meinberg connection

All the Johns in my family tree are elusive bastards - John Horgan, John Enright, and the focus of this post, John Meinberg.

John Meinberg was the father of Eva Meinberg Haase and the first husband of Catherine Neher Meinberg Hellmann. He was living in New York by 1861 when Eva was born and was dead/out of the picture by 1878, when Catherine remarried. That is all I know about him.

Catherine, more than any of my ancestors, wants to be found. Her family has been revealing itself to me in leaps and bounds lately, generation after generation, male and female lines.

Her first husband? Not so much.

Well, he might be stubborn, but so am I. (Maybe that's who I got it from!)

From looking up Catherine's family in the sippenbuch, it appears she might have known John from her hometown, as one of the families included in this particular family book is the Meinberg family. I don't have photocopies of the pages about them, but as soon as I've exhausted Catherine's side, I'm coming for you, John!