Valentine's Day tribute to my family

Just wanted to post some photos of couples in my tree, who if they had never gotten together, I wouldn't be here today - Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

My great-great grandparents, Delia Dauch Berg and Theodore Peterson Berg circa 1930.

Three couples for the price of one! - my great grandparents (standing from left to right) Timothy Cronin and Ellen Casey Cronin, Amelia Berg Raynor and Monroe Raynor at the 2 Nov 1946 wedding of their kids and my grandparents, Mary Cronin Raynor and Clifford Monroe Raynor (seated middle).

The wedding photo of my great grandparents Timothy Cronin and Ellen Casey Cronin, 15 Oct 1912 (he was 33, she was 19).

My great great grandparents Joseph James "J.J." Raynor and Annie Poole Raynor, circa 1930.

My grandparents, Helen Meta Stutzmann Gorry and Elmer Anthony Gorry, on their wedding day 18 Aug 1951 - look how happy they look and how beautiful my grandmother was!