Today's discovery - adventure tours offered by the Town of Hempstead's Parks and Recreation Dept.

First, I just need to say that as I was flipping through the catologue today, I kept thinking of Amy Poehler and all the wacky residents of Pawnee, Indiana - the words "Parks and Recreation" just automatically make me think of the show now - miss it and can't wait for it to come back!

Anyway, I'm posting this link even though it doesn't have to do with genealogy. It does have to do with local history though - in this case Brooklyn and Long Island's "Gold Coast" - and giving people some local flavor, and both those things are intimately tied to genealogy. Genealogy is a multidisciplinary study, so many things tied together. Wherever your family is from, whatever lines you're tracing, it can help immensely understanding the people your ancestors were as well as in giving you possible clues for other research avenues to pursue, to know the history of the places they came from.

So anyway, this is something our P & R department offers, which I was thrilled to see - I'm considering going on the Gold Coast tour - and it might be worth it to see what tours (or seminars, workshops, etc.) local to you, are out there.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! :)