Funeral Card Friday - Keith Stock

So this isn't an ancestor of mine, but because of the date and the timing of Funeral Card Friday, I thought it would be an appropriate memorial to highlight my cousin, Keith, who died two years ago today. It was very sudden and was while he was on his honeymoon, which made it just all the more awful, and it's still difficult to think about today, so I try to instead think about the fun we had as kids, and how we had started reconnecting as adults shortly before he died, and just how much fun we had at his wedding days before he died. We should be sad because we miss the people we love, but we should be happy about the time we got to spend with them.

Which leads me into this - we spend so much time finding and getting to know our family from generations past, relatives long gone, ancestors we'll never meet, and that's fantastic. That is a wonderful thing. But let's not spend so much time with family who are dead that we miss the moments we have with our family who are living.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Keith, my brother, and me in Mexico for Keith's wedding, 17 January 2009.