Tombstone Thursday - Haase mausoleum at Evergreens Cemetery, Queens, New York

Xavier "Gustav" Haase 1886-1928

His mother, Eva Meinberg Haase 1861-1919

Haase mausoleum in Evergreens Cemetery in Queens, New York

Tombstone Thursday isn't a real thing, but I missed Tombstone Tuesday this week and I wanted to get this in - plus, the alliteration is still there, right?

This is the Haase "receiving vault" at the Cemetery of the Evergreens in Queens, New York. The first photo is of the vault for Gustav Haase, who was my great-great grandfather. The second is of the vault of his mother, Eva Meinberg Haase. She died in 1919, just two months before her husband, Edward Haase, also died. If you look at the front of the mausoleum, you can see the date "1919," the year both of Gustav's parents died. I know there are other people buried here but I forget who - Gustav was an only child. I'm not sure if his wife, Meta Ricklefs Haase, is buried here with him. What I find interesting is that my Gorry relatives couldn't even afford a simple headstone, and here are my Haase relatives, who could not only afford a headstone but could afford a big, fancy mausoleum (although, to be fair, its one of the less fancy mausoleums I've ever seen). My dad is the one who took these pictures, back in 2004. He might have more information about this burial plot, regarding who else is in there.

Happy Veteran's Day, everyone - thanks to all those in our trees who served in the past, and to all those, whether in our immediate family trees or just part of the human family tree, who are serving still today...