The legend of the Mott Raynor House - Nancy Drew and the case of the crooked chimney PART DEUX

 So I found a website that claims that during Tudor times (that would be mid to late 1500s England), houses were built with crooked or twisted chimneys to frustrate witches, who couldn't get down them. That makes sense. Not the witch part - what, they're not smart enough to just knock on the front door? - but the Tudor England part. Plus, in that place and time, one can find both Motts and Raynors who may have bought into that superstition.

Mott Raynor House in Freeport.
I also found a website of real estate assessments that says the Mott Raynor House was built in 1851, which is older than I thought it might turn out to be, but still much younger and in the wrong place than Tudor England. So the questions remain: is the chimney just not visible in the old photo? And would 19th century fishermen and oyster planters descended from 17th century English colonists have bought into a 16th century English superstition?

So far this search is turning up more questions than answers...what would Nancy Drew do in this situation?