Wordless Wednesday - Berg family photo, Long Island, New York

What I love about this photo is the multigenerations in it, the coming together of family, how easy and relaxed and at home everybody looks. This isn't one of those fancy, posed, serious photos you get at Sears or by some other professional. This is a spur of the moment, "let's find someone who isn't family to take the photo because who knows when we'll have everybody together like this again" kind of photo. My grandfather, Clifford Raynor, is sitting in the front row, far right. He was about 10, so this photo is from about 1924. This is his mom's side of the family, so we have Amelia Berg Raynor and her kids, her brothers and their kids, and her parents, Theodore and Delia (Dauch) Berg. I believe this photo was taken at the house in East Meadow or Hempstead. 

What I also love about this photo is how at my recent Raynor family reunion, this photo kept my siblings and cousins talking for at least an hour straight, about how everybody looked and what their personalities must have been like based on how they were dressed, and everyone was asking me who each person was and how they were related to us - so this photo is proof that you can get anybody interested in the family history, even if it's just mildly interested, if you can find the right door to get them in. 

Sorry - that was a lot of words for Wordless Wednesday, huh? :) And when I find the original photo in my house, I'll upload a better quality image...