Nancy Drew and the Case of the Martin Nehr Comment

So as I mentioned in my previous post, a Horst5457 posted a comment on August 3 on my 5th great grandfather Martin Nehr's profile on my family tree. This is what he (or she, I suppose) wrote:

Sippenbuch Heppenheim 3 Nr.7171 Kind Nr.5 Martin Neher *29.05.1806 Hambach ,+USA OO am 25.11.1834 Heppenheim mit Anna Maria Mitsch *18.11.1803Heppenheim,+19.02.1854 Hambach er flüchtet 1847 nach Amerika bei Zurücklassung von Frau und Kindern. Eltern von Martin Neher Johann Neher *12.02.1776 Hambach,+28.12.1823 Hambach Nr.7171 oo am 18.02.1800 Heppenheim mit Anna Maria Petermann *28.07.1776 hambach,+01.04.1849 Hambach als Witwe

When you plug that into Babelfish, this is how it gets translated:

Kinship book Heppenheim 3 Nr.7171 child Nr.5 Martin Neher *29.05.1806 Hambach, +USA OO to 25.11.1834 Heppenheim with Anna Maria Mitsch *18.11.1803Heppenheim, +19.02.1854 Hambach it flees 1847 to America in leaving of woman and children. Parents of Martin Neher Johann Neher *12.02.1776 Hambach, +28.12.1823 Hambach Nr.7171 oo to 18.02.1800 Heppenheim with Anna Maria Petermann *28.07.1776 hambach, +01.04.1849 Hambach as a widow

I'm pretty sure that's not entirely accurate...

My first thought, of course, is a pat on the back to myself at the guess I took that the "Anna Maria Mitch" listed on her daughter Catherine's death certificate probably should've been spelled the more German "Mitsch" seems to have some confirmation. It also seems possible that Martin and Anna Maria came to America - so that gives me some American records to look at, possibly. And it gives me towns in Germany to look at.

Of course, I don't know how reliable this information is, if at all, but it gives me some place to start looking, where before I had no place to start looking. And where I have some place to start, I have some place to go. I'm hopeful, as I usually am when I get new leads, at figuring this comment out - Nancy Drew ain't got nothing on me! :)