Catherine Hellmann death certificate

Came today, not too shabby...considering one record the Archives had to search for and one I gave them the record number for, the fact that they arrived one day apart is pretty sweet...and within two weeks? I am rarely disappointed by the Archives.

For the most part, the death certificate was pleasing. My dad noted that he wished there was more detail than "Germany" for "place of birth," but in a death record, there rarely is. Other than that, there were plenty of details - Catherine was born June 24,1841 (I actually think she was probably born 1840, not 1841, but close enough), it said she was in the country 61 years, which fits in with my 1857-1860 window of her immigration, her father as Martin Neher was verified, and her mother was listed as Anna M. Mitch. I imagine that if Mitch was actually Anna Maria's last name, it was probably spelled Mitsch, which would be more German than the English-sounding and spelled Mitch. I'm both surprised and pleased that there was a maiden name there, but it's so different than what was on Catherine's marriage certificate, where for the most part Anna Maria's maiden name was illegible, though it looked like "Dho," that I'm still determined to find Elizabeth Rider's marriage and/or death record, to compare the information.

What else was there - the death certificate was delivered to my ancestor, Eva Meinberg Haase, Catherine's daughter, and it said that Catherine was buried in Lutheran All Saints' Cemetery in Middle Village, Queens. So I guess another visit is on the horizon to that cemetery. I like to visit my family's graves. Besides whatever information I can glean from the headstones or deed records, I like to go and introduce myself and pay my respects.

Any excuse to visit a cemetery. I have an odd fascination with them.