What I'm grateful for this Thanksgiving....

(From a family history standpoint, that is)

I'm grateful for my family. Well, that's from the standpoint of just being a person, I guess. But this is my son's first Thanksgiving, and our first Thanksgiving as a family of four. I'm grateful for my hardworking husband who still makes time for living room TV date nights with me and for horsing around with the kids (sometimes literally, when they pretend he's a horse...) and I'm grateful for my kids, who fight and cry and drive me crazy but then hug each other and give me kisses and play with each other and are best friends.

I'm grateful for the many, many genealogy volunteers and family historians using their valuable time to index records for websites like FamilySearch, websites that are free (and so I'm also grateful for websites like FamilySearch).

I'm grateful for organizations like Reclaim the Records, that are fighting the good fight to make genealogy records that haven't been available, available, even when it means going to court....and then posting those records online, again, for free.

I'm grateful for all the family historians out there, reaching out to each other, trying to make those cousin connections, sharing their knowledge and their documents and helping each other out. I'm grateful to those people just beginning their family history research, who know next to nothing, but are reaching out for help, because you're extending those family connections, helping our personal family trees and our global family trees to grow.

Whether your family is your blood family, the family that raised you or the family of friends who you chose, love them and enjoy them this holiday season and always.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!